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(all systems refurbished only)

Complete 200LX systems.


We have four two 'like new'  mint , unused systems available:

Specs are:

Mint 200LX, upgraded to double speed and 6MB.
Original box, manuals, 3 months guarantee.

Price USD 750, EU 500. Order at orders@200lx.net.

We have systems in several different categories. These categories depend only on the cosmetic quality of the case.
Screens and keyboards are always good. No missing screen lines or loose keyboard keys.
Prices stated for systems include worldwide shipping. Add parts without extra shipping costs until 2Kg.

Mint case:  New or nearly new, and most likely unused. LX's in this condition go for a premium price.
Price around USD 600.

Good case: All  parts intact, limited wear visible on the case.
8 MB LX: 7520MB ramdisk

8MB double speed system with good case: Price:    USD 360 ! Order

Systems are available with memory sizes of  1MB, 2MB, 4MB, 5MB, 6MB or 8MB.

Speed is either 15.8 Mhz or 32Mhz, e.g. single or double speed. All double speed systems come with an 8MB PCMCIA ATA card with double speed drivers.

Prices range from USD 120 / EU 80 for a repaired 1MB system via USD400 for a good 8MB system to USD 750 for a mint 8MB double speed system.