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Here we point you to a worldwide set of interesting  links. Enjoy.

Get your dedicated software (and info) for the LX here:
The Palmtop Network - HP 200LX Headquarters   with SUPER, the Simply Unbeatable Palmtop Essentials Repository

The world's last remaining LX hardware hideouts beside 200lx.net are  ( selling, repairing and upgrades):

Daniel Hertrich´s home page:  an equally unbeatable repository of How-To's and other info, and related:
Hermocom: Where Daniel professionalizes his palmtop knowledge - selling, upgrading and repairing 200LX's, and also developing a replacement package.

Home Page The HP Palmtop Paper Online Thaddeus : Selling, repairing and upgrading LX's - worldwide service - another recommended 'competitor' .

( Note: that is about it for - 200lx.net (me) , hermocom.com (Daniel) and palmtoppaper.com (Thaddeus, Hal Goldstein) are the only remaining -limited- repositories of  200LX's worldwide, except for some Ebay sellers selling incidentally). Buy them while you can.

Other links: (You may need Japanese characters for some of those links!)

Accurite's DoubleSlot
Brads palmtop Page
Curtis Cameron's Palmtop Games
FTP Directory ftp--ftp.dasoft.com-pub-
HP100LX-200LX ƒQ�[ƒ€‚ÌŠÙ  : LX Games - Japanese 
HPLX-L Command Center
http-- oilman.x-y.net-filez-200LX-APP-APP.htm
http--www.izzo- di-calvi.com-200lx.html
Interesting DOS programs
Link for HP100-200LX
LXer's Home Page Link List
PDAStreet.com HP200LX
PDD's Adventure Page
Software for HP100-200LX
文 市(あやち)の&# 23567;箱茶室
Link for HP100/200LX
‚ Å‚¶‚â‚Ü -- WVP.EXE ‚̃y�[ƒW
Google Image Search: 200lx